With an emphasis on consulting, concept development, and social entrepreneurship, we exist to practice thoughtful and in-depth studies to make sure your business is going in the right directions:
outward, upward, and onward.


"Key consultants for our business strategy" "Outstanding client-care" "Allowed us to outsource an entire department" "Cost-effective, supreme quality & accuracy"

What We Do

Social Entrepreneurship

Interested in doing more with your business than just selling a product? Are you looking to use your preexisting business techniques to create social change? We can help.

Concept Development

Every successful brand started with a concept, and idea. But what's next? Our team helps businesses like yours push that concept even further so that it has something special to make it stand out in this crowded market place.


Simply looking for a business and marketing analysis of your current brand? Our experts can reevaluate your target audience, and more, to make sure your business is headed in the right direction.


Industries & Sectors


Helium's Entertainment Practice provides guidance to artists, agencies, marketers, musicians, and record labels at every stage of the brand's lifecycle.


Helium presents innovative solutions to nonprofits organizations, helping clients position their organizations to obtain proper funding in an intensely competitive environment.



Helium’s Start-up Practice understands the factors reshaping the world of technology and innovation. Through assurance, product testing, and consulting services, we serve a variety of businesses in a variety of industries.


Innovation is essential to ensuring success in the technology industry. And in an environment marked by shifting regulations and business models, sound fiscal practices and access to capital are more important than ever.

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